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Due to the high quality of our formulation and to its most demonstrated effectiveness, it is not strange that in recent times there have been numerous and detailed studies about the ingredients that compose the pills.

Here you have some studies that professionals of the field have carried out regarding the effectiveness of the ingredients that compose the exclusive and revolutionary formula of the Sizegain pills.

Conoce mas sobre el bioperine

Bioperine, a new and revolutionary patent ingredient that improves significantly the absorption of the rest of the ingredients by part of our organism, facilitating in this way its assimilation, as well as speeding up and improving the results in an extraordinary way.  The Bioperine is an standardized extract of the piperine, the principle alkaloid of black pepper, being an extremely pure and safe form of this.  It is obtained from the fruits of the plants that are cultivated in the humid regions, rich in Nigrum L. (black pepper).

In the following, we offer you a diagram and some scientific explanations about the origin and the importance of Bioperine:

Estudio 1 Estudio 2 Estudio 3 Bioperine

The characteristics, subtle though powerful, of Bioperine®, have been tested in various clinical studies with completely healthy volunteers in the United States.  These studies measured the absorption of three distinct categories of products.  The categories evaluated with and without Biperine® were soluble fat (betacarontene) soluble in water (the vitamin B6) and a mineral (selenio, in form of selenomethinoine).  The gastrointestinal absorption of all the substances that were studied, measured by quantities present in the blood, increased dramatically when it was administered with Bioperine® in respect to the only control group that received the substance.  The levels of selenie. Increased in 30%, betacaroten growing in 60% and the increase of B6 was slightly higher that that of betacarotene.  All the studies used Bioperine® in the quantity of magnesium, five per doses.

It is recognized in its use in the ancient times (6,000 years ago) for its function in the digestive apparatus, concretely in digestion and in the absorption of nutrients.  Almost two thirds of all traditional formulas of Ayuvedi contain a mix of special ingredients that includes the black pepper for this proposition.  There are various and argued reasons in scientific literature about the unfavourable nutritious state of a given population, but essentially the focus come under only a bio-availability of the problem-nutrition relationship.  To a great extent, the most important factors that reduce the bio-availability of nutrients are the ones that decrease the absorbing capability of the intestine.  In recent times, there is a consensus between nutritionists when it comes to the obstacle that should be improved in nutrition is clearly the efficient intake of nutrients to the body.  It is not what you eat, but what you absorb.

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A program of exercises and jelquing techniques for the growth of the penis requires generally training fro between 20 min. to half an hour a day.  You will see the results of this program after few weeks.  The amazing thing about these results is what has converted the jelquing exercise programs for the growth of penis into the most popular in the United States.

In the 70’s, Dr. Brian Richards, carried out a comparative scientific study about the jelquing exercises.  At that time, he was already a prominent doctor of Harley street in London.  Today, he is semi-retired and has written more than 25 books related with the subject of sex.

Dr. Richards has always advocated for a practical approach to sexual subjects, always supporting previous scientific studies and contributing personal experiences.

This professional found that the jelquing exercises had increased the penis in 87% of those participating in the study.  This investigation was published in the “Britannic diary of sexual medicine”.

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The jelq exercises are used to increase the circumference as well as the length of the penis. Without a doubt, the jelquig is the most popular natural penis enlargement technique in the United States. The most detailed investigation, when discussing effectiveness of the jelquing exercises was done in the United Kingdom, in the last years of the 70’s by Dr. Brian Richards, as we have mentioned above. His investigation was accepted by the “Britannic diary of sexual medicine” and he demonstrated positive results in 87% of individuals that tried it. It proved that the average growth in length of the penis was 1.4 inches and 1 inch in thickness.

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