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The Sizegain Plus team is composed of health professionals and sexual therapists whose principle objective is the health of the penis, as well as the self-esteem, confidence, and satisfaction of the client. Thousands of men in the world have already resorted to the help of the Sizegain Plus program, obtaining greater positive results than expected.

It has taken us many years of work and research to find an effective and balanced program for the permanent lengthening of the penis that was a 100 % NATURAL, FAST, EFFECTIVE AND SAFE.  Now it is at your disposal in the shape of a few pills that are very easy to take and a few exercises that are very easy to do.

The doctors, who were originally skeptical about the techniques of naturopathy and herbalism practices, now endorse this natural formula and this program of exercises for improving the sexual functions of a male, after seeing its incredible benefits.

No one better than a urologist can explain the incredible results that a person can experience with the Sizegain Plus program:

“During all of the years of my medical profession as a specialist in urology and sexology, I have consulted many patients with ejaculatory problems (...) It’s a product that works wonders, and it’s also good because it is 100% natural, so there are no side effects that will endanger your health”.

Antonio Salas Vieyra
Specialist in Urology and Sexology

It’s very important that you know the anatomy of the penis to understand accurately impressive results that you will obtain from our program.

Basically, the penis is constituted by 3 independent cylinders as you can see in the image. Both matching cylinders situated on top and visibly larger than the others are called Corpora Cavernosa. The third cylinder is smaller and it’s located in the lower part, in the cavity between the corpora cavernosa and it’s called Corpus Spongiosum. The corpora cavernosa are constituted by chambers that expand and fill up with blood when we have an erection. Their capacity to fill up with blood during arousal defines both length and thickness of the penis during erection- this function decreases with age. The corpus spongiosum is the chamber through which we urinate and ejaculate semen. Nevertheless, the corpora cavernosa are the main blood recipients and where 90% of the blood is found when having an erection.

Obviously, the penis has its limitations in length and thickness as size is invariably linked to the quantity of blood that the corpora cavernosa can store during an erection; in other words, the penis can’t increase its size by itself without any help. When having an erection, the brain segregates a hormone that sends blood to the penis filling up the erectile tissue. As soon as the corpora cavernosa chambers are filled up completely with blood, the penis stops growing automatically.

However, the chambers can adapt and offer a better capacity and a more effective function by taking our pills and carrying out our specially created and improved exercises to promote the penis’ growth. Therefore, the key is to develop the corpora cavernosa to increase their capacity so they can store a larger quantity of blood- this is only possible with the practice of our exercises.These techniques we mentioned are not only positive to increase the general size of the penis, but also they are useful in increasing the blood flow to it - without increasing the blood pressure – which results in the exercise of the cavernous bodies, something that always turns out to be beneficial for the health of the penis. This is what our Naturpenis exercise program mainly focuses on, and about 50% of our complete program, is designed especially to improve the abilities and functions of the penis.

As for Sizegain Plus, our effective natural pills, we will mention that, since now it can be  demonstrated and we have just explained a bit more in lines above, the size of the penis depends on the quantity of blood flow that it receives and the amount of volume that it can hold. Our Sizegain Pills program has been specifically developed from top herbal techniques to treat both questions. It has been discovered that the material of the cavernous bodies of the penis answers to certain stimuli produced by components that stimulate and intensify them.

The human body is made to change under pressure, and is just here where our program of Sizegain Plus starts acting. Our pills promote the creation of testosterone facilitating the vasodilatacion, improving the erectile arterial function and reinforcing the blood flow of the arteries and veins of the penis without provoking any change in his pressure.

Sizegain Plus is a stimulant that is 100% natural and safe for the fine erectile tissues of the penis, and which results in a permanent growth of the penis. The cavernous bodies of the penis are forced to grow, adapting themselves to the blood pressure. Finally, these erectile tissues multiply achieving a longer and thicker penis.

Only a leading penis enlargement company like ours can offer a new formula which is exclusive, 100% natural with ingredients of the highest quality, assuring incomparible results in record time. The pills of the program SizeGain Plus contain ingredients which are necessary to get rapid and reliable results. Also, there are no side effects, short nor long term.

Our innovative and exclusive formula contains Bioperine, a new and revolutionary patent ingredient that improves sensibly the absorption of the rest of the ingredients into the organism, which then facilitates assimilation, and achieves extraordinary results. Bioperine is a standardized extract of the piperina, the principal alkaloid of black pepper in extremely pure form. It is obtained from the fruits families of the plants that are cultivated in the humid regions rich in Nigrum L. (black pepper). Thanks to this excellent ingredient, the yield of Sizegain Plus is even better and faster.

As for the techniques that are taught in the videos of exercises of Naturpenis, they are innovative as for the result but normal as for being completely safe. They will not cause any type of injury to the penis, since they do not present any health risks. We do not advise to do the penis exercises in excess, but to support a daily regularity and to follow our instructions step by step. Also, we have an incremental time table that should be followed with respect to your level. These exercises are based on the research and studies done on 1970 by Dr. Brian Richards in the United Kingdom, and published in Sexual British Journal of Medicine a few incredible results were obtained. From this discovery and the Jelq exercise, they started developing these modern and popular exercise programs.

In conclusion, in contrast to other programs, only Sizegain Plus is endorsed and recommended by the most prestigious urologists and medical professionals in this field so it works rapidly, efficiently and without any type of side effects. Both our pills and our exercises are completely safe and with proven effectiveness.




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